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Swarajya Tourist and Travels provides ride for Mumbai Pune Taxi services and Car rental in Mumbai at very affordable rates.

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Swarajya Tourist and Travels Taxi car rental is a ride hailing company based in Mumbai, India. It provides Taxicab car rental booking for mumbai pune taxi services facilities through calls, website, Messenger bot on Facebook, Google Maps and accepts payments through cash options. Swarajya Tourist and Travels Taxicabs car rental integrated their cab service with Google Now which will send passengers reminders for cab pickups, alerting them if they wish to book a cab based on their location for mumbai-pune-nashik and other information through Now Cards within the Google app.

About Swarajya Tourist and Travels a Mumbai Pune Taxi Services and Car Rental Provider

Swarajya Tourist and Travels a Mumbai Pune Taxi services and car rental provider was founded by Vinayak Ahire in Mumbai on April 2010 by raising funds against an equity stake in the company from India Value Fund (IVF), which is a private equity fund. On 2 February 2014, Swarajya Tourist and Travels Taxicabs partnered with other taxi services provider in mumbai, pune and nashik to provide taxi services nationally.

In January 2016, Swarajya Tourist and Travels a Taxi service and car rental provider started ride sharing options in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. They cut out from their traditional Mumbai Pune Taxi services and car rental to open categories of Hatchback, Sedan and SUV in January 2017. Swarajya Tourist and Travels is the only Mumbai Pune Taxi services and car rental provider that does not charge Surge Pricing to its customers for mumbai to pune; this plays as a key differentiator, and they offer coupons, offers and discounts to customers for mumbai-pune-nashik journey.

History of Taxicab for mumbai to pune

Mumbai-Pune Taxicab Service (started as Bombay-Poona Taxi Service) or Poona cab service was a high class Taxicab on Mumbai-Pune section by the Swarajya Tourist and Travels. It was the first intercity Taxicab started between Mumbai and Pune. This Taxicab and the famous car rental used to serve Mumbai Pune commuters for many years. Later this Taxicab was extended to Nashik and was renamed Mumbai-Pune-Nashik. This Taxicab was believed to carry Royal Taxcab and was one of the finest Taxicab service in Mumbai (Bombay).

A taxicab, additionally called a taxi or a cab, could be a form of vehicle for rent with a driver, employed by one traveler or little cluster of passengers, usually for a non-shared ride. A auto conveys passengers between locations of their alternative. This vary from different types of ease wherever the pick-up and drop-off locations are distribute by the taxi service provider, not by the traveler, though demand responsive transport and share taxis give a hybrid bus/taxi mode.

There ar four distinct varieties of auto, which might be known by slightly differing terms in several countries:

While divergent type of vehicles and ways of management, hiring, send, and negotiating payment take issue considerably from country to country, several common characteristics exist.

Shared Taxicab in mumbai for pune

In cities and localities wherever taxis ar expensive or don't ply as per the govt or municipal regulated fares, folks use Share taxis. These ar traditional taxis that carry one or additional passengers move to destinations either on the way to the ultimate destination, or near the ultimate destination. The passengers ar charged in step with the amount of individuals with completely different destinations. an identical system exists for autorickshaws, referred to as Share autos.

As one example, "Shared taxis" – and renowned even as that – are operative in Mumbai, India, since the first Seventies. These ar additional sort of a purpose to purpose service that operates solely throughout the height hours. throughout off peak hours, they ply rather like the regular taxis, may be hailed anyplace on the roads, and passengers ar charged by the meter. however so as to bridge the gap between demand and provide, throughout peak hours, many of them operate as Shared Taxis, taking a full cab load of passengers to a additional or less common destination. The pick-up points for these taxis ar fastened, and ar marked by a post that claims, "Shared Taxis" and cabs line up at now throughout peak hours. They show the final destination they're headed for on their windscreens, and passengers simply get in and sit up for the cab to refill. As before long as this happens – that takes but one or two of minutes – the cab moves off. Fares ar {a fastened|a hard and fast|a set} quantity – fixed between the Taxi Unions and also the authorities for {the purpose|the purpose} to point distance – and ar way not up to the metered fare to constant destination, however over the bus or transportation. Time taken is clearly abundant but that by bus. These taxis ar very hip attributable to the shortage of waiting time, quicker journey speeds, larger comfort, and absence of the crush countless peak hour traffic in buses and trains. Generally, the taxi drivers select the section that they board, within the suburbs because the destination within the evenings, and within the mornings, the destinations ar invariably the CBD in South Mumbai."

Vintage Taxicabs services in mumbai

Taxicabs arrived in 1911 to enhance horse wagons. The black and yellow edict taxis in city, ar integral a part of the city's heritage and are represented in various movie industry movies. These metered taxis ply throughout city and have monopoly from Bandra to Churchgate on the Western line and Sion to Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus on the Central line. on the far side Sion and Bandra motor vehicle rickshaws don't seem to be allowed and one should rent a taxi. However, between Sion to Thane and Bandra to Bhayandar, Taxis and autorickshaws ply. A mechanical meter decides the fare and is proportional to the gap traveled.

There ar AN calculable fifty two,000–55,000 taxicabs in city.

Cars used for taxis embrace Maruti Esteem, Tata Indigo, Renault Logan, Hyundai Santro, Toyota Innova, Toyota whorl Altis, Maruti Wagon R and Maruti Versa.

Recently the police discovered that it's needed by law that the motive force of AN unengaged taxi take you to wherever you wish to travel, distance and time regardless. If the motive force doesn't obey, one merely must decision the police (dial 100) and mention the taxi's identification number and therefore the driver's name. The act of business the police on your mobile phone sometimes makes the motive force befits your request to be taken to your destination.

The mumbai of city was 1st city in Bharat, to own AN "in-taxi" magazine, titled MumBaee, that is issued to taxis that ar a part of the city Taximen's Union. The magazine debuted on the thirteenth of July, 2009.

In 2012, it had been reportable that town was facing a shortage of taxis.

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